Everything you will see and read here is a LIE.

This project belongs to the Architecture Fiction genre.


Most of the time, architects present our projects overflowing with lies, fictions, and strange misrepresentations of what are the actual state, the actual context and the real client; they are the “agents” who distort our projects from their ideal and original state, lost but always missed. Communication in architecture is our last chance to claim for that ideal, lost along the way, thus we present this fiction as something true and not as the desperate lie that it is.


Then, we are not surprised to discover that there are projects of shops without objects to sell, pizzerias without pizzas or advertising on pizzas, oddments that are pure props, homes without objects or occupants or with invented objects and occupants, stories that never happened and processes that never existed. Everything we see and read about architecture is a LIE.

Here is our lie about this project…


“It was the year 1991 and "Los dos cogidos de la mano" by Alejandro Sanz was playing on the radio at the office.

Beatriz had been in love for several years with her FILA sweatshirt with violet and indigo floral motifs that Ana had given her some time ago in exchange for a polaroid photograph of them dancing.


Ten years had passed but she continued to devote herself with the same passion to photography and that sweatshirt was still her favorite "ever" garment. However, that afternoon something worried her. The press was talking all the time about the rise of the extreme right-wing group TOX and it seemed that a coup d'etat and perhaps a new war could be imminent.


VINTALOGY's Time Capsule that he had bought months ago was still empty in the next room. She thought the moment had arrived. She opened the box, put on his fetish sweatshirt, carefully following the protocol of vacuum closing, found the shovel in the garage and dug a hole in the garden to hide that hermetic box that would protect that piece of magic cloth from any tragic future.

The next day would have been too late.


She was jolted awake by the noise of the nuclear bombs. TOX had declared a state of siege and the country was sinking into a cloud of toxicity and melancholy due to a massive attack on nuclear power plants throughout the country. Many other people tried unsuccessfully to protect their most precious garments ... Many others disappeared buried under a thick layer of radioactivity and debris.

The conflict lasted more than two years, humanity was almost reduced to small colonies of survivors and only thousands of items protected by VINTALOGY’s Time Capsules rested buried as the only vestige of a civilization that once again seemed to have reached the bottom.


However, as early as 2019, and as it had happened again and again, those stupid humans had come back to reproduce on a Planet Earth still polluted and infertile ... The earthlings rebuilt stone by stone, brick by brick their old buildings and VINTALOGY began the exhausting search for those hundreds of Time Capsules that harbored the most precious objects of an almost extinct culture.

Dozens of these garments are decontaminated and cataloged each day by qualified VINTALOGY personnel as a symbolic trace of what the Earth once was. Each one of those garments is full of dreams, memories and experiences that the VINTALOGY scientists store next to the garments in a mausoleum built from pieces of ruins of the ancient city ... those garments are the only thing that remains of a better world ..."


Authors: ENORME Studio


Constrution: DYPSA

Photo: Javier de Paz García

Location: Vintalogy, Madrid. Calle Barceló nº13, Madrid.

Date: December 2018.

Area: 300 m2

Material: Ceramic materials by Grupo Díaz Redondo. 3936 ceramic pieces.


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