youth House in Línea de la Concepción.

Javier Terrados y Fdo. Suárez


this Project won the First place in the 3rd Architecture Awards with Termoarcilla® 2004-2006 performed by Hispalyt.

the site belongs to a parcel located among Andrés Viñas Street, Inmaculada Street, and the Promenade Cornisa de la Línea de la Concepción (Cádiz). The parcel has a trapezoidal shape, with a surface of more than 4000 square meter. It has four fronts, three of them delimit with the public roads.

the environment of the parcel is formed by housings in multi-family blocks, gardens in the southwest area in front of the Promenade Cornisa. It is a place close to the promenade of the bay and it has privileged view over the Rock of Gibraltar.


as a general concept of the project, the existing organization is practically maintained, that is to say, a headend building which settle the entry from the most urbanistically relevant area, as is the extension of the sidewalks next to the roundabout, followed by a number of edifications built along the Inmaculada Street.

these new constructions are developed in a double way: towards the street, continuously, giving a clear façade and towards the interior space in form of exempt cubic buildings, in order not to fill the free space and create permeability and clarity in the gardens. These cubes raised onto pillars, being separated from the ground, in order to let the grass extends under them.

the access to all the set of buildings is made through a covered passage, shaped like an axis of circulation, which is born at the Andrés Viñas Street, and goes tangentially through the headend building.


the building which replaces the old headend building must shelter the uses initially envisaged. A more harmonious set of pavilions of simple geometry can now be found within a general garden space. The new headend building completes, along with the workshops and the game room, a number of exempt buildings which shelter the sport courts.

the original state was partially built, placed on the closest band to Inmaculada Street and Andrés Viñas Street. The rest of the parcel was occupied by gardens, public spaces and sports courts areas, and also a main exempt building, which housed the main uses.


with this project, a new Youth House has been intended to build, also to renew the deteriorated image of this privileged place within the town. The project design had to maintain the primitive prism that houses the dressing rooms, the house of the concierge and the hangar of boats. To make this, all the surroundings buildings were demolished, except the pit for rowing training. On the basis of a pre-existence parallel to the Andrés Viñas Street, the new edifications have been structured: new headend building, classroom area, workshops and warehouse.


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