house GM, single family home in Multiva Baja, Navarra.

Javier Pérez Herreras, José V. Valdenebro García


Novel Architects Award at the 6th Architecture Awards with Brick. 2001-1999

We were asked for a house, but we gave them a garden. We were asked for intimacy and we made this garden some kind of secret. But they wanted a house.

Then, the wall of that garden became the wall for their house.

The house of my garden.

Then, the wall was made thicker, as the snake of the Little Prince story, to finally swallow the house. So, from the house-wall we wanted to delight our garden.

Then, concrete protuberance came up the wall, which allowed to enjoy from your wall cool shadows in the secret garden.

So, when your house became higher than my wall, I could see from my hiding place other houses, with a very serious appearance, but without my garden. So now, the house is not yours or mine, the house is not a house, is the wall of our garden.

Javier Pérez Herreras / José V. Valdenebro García


The building is located on the parcel from decisions as simple as conclusive. The importance of the empty space takes precedence over the one occupied by the house. The north façade, open to a pedestrian road, remains practically blind. The interior spaces are related only to the interior garden.


The concrete is the finishing with which the different elements that shades the walls are solved: the eaves, which allow to obtain shadow in the most exposed orientations; the perimetral enclosure, which conforms the clear limits of the parcel and the open pergola, with which formalizes the parking deck for vehicles and the access, are always executed from the cheerfully elemental economy.

Texto del Catálogo VI Premio de Arquitectura de Ladrillo 2001 – 1999.


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