38 Housings in Los Caños de Meca, Cadiz.

Gumersindo Fernández



The parcel where the housings and the residential complex have been executed was empty at the beginning of the works, without any kind of building or construction, with some medium-sized tree and abundant grass. The parcel is characterized by a great falling slope in direction to the anterior part of the parcel, which is more pronounced in the vicinity of the Trafalgar Street.

The proposal of this Project consist in the organization of the housings in parallel rows and with the Natural Park and sea as border. To access in them, streets of 5 m. width, excepting at the areas of the entrances the housings where that width increase to facilitate the manoeuvrability of cars as well as to create a zone of protection for pedestrians. Even so, it is assumed these streets will have little traffic, since its only mission is to give access to the garages of the houses, due to the fact that it is prohibited to park on them, existing for it a parking place at the entrance. At the end of these road traffic streets there is another pedestrian street, to provide the ring circulation and to facilitate the walk for pedestrians.


The houses are conformed to pure prismatic volumes of white color and sharp edges in top floor, and in the ground floor the space is configured with wall canvases or filters of different thicknesses and textures with the intention of qualifying it, trying to dilute the transition between the interior and the exterior. The parcels are closed with white walls which allow visual privacy that has allowed us to open the ground floor to the exterior. This opening makes sense especially in summer season, which is when it is most used, since these housings will be used as a summer house.

Finally, due to the particular conditions of the parcel and the delimitation with the easement of sea and land passage, the housing number 38 become an independent type, but maintaining the homogeneous image of the whole in what to its external aspect is concerned.


Regarding the urbanization of the complex, in addition to the two parking spaces per dwelling, a number of parking spaces are arranged on the parcel, whose number will depend on the construction or not of a sports area or swimming pool in the future.

The entire complex, including sports and recreation areas, green and roads areas, are surrounded by a 2 meters high perimeter fence, where cypress and bougainvillea plantations constitute an important part. The Residential Groups proposed, seek an integration on the territory so that it is hardly touched, maintaining as far as possible the natural gradients of the soil, and in any case, take advantage of the unevenness, allowing the direct view of the sea from each and every one of the houses.

The housings which form the project complex, start from the base house, with a living room, kitchen, toilet and a covered porch and pergola on the ground floor, and three bedrooms and two bathrooms on the first floor, with the option to cover the pergola and making it open terrace. The base house has several possibilities for extension, closing the right part of the parcel and converting it into a storage room, in another option, the storage room becomes a bedroom with bathroom included, and in another option, it becomes another room to stay when sealed with glass.

All these expansion possibilities have been designed in such a way that the resulting types have homogeneous image and thus don not alter the composition of the complex, and can be arranged at random, allowing different combinations (porch + storage room + summer living room + bedroom, etcetera).

Texto tomado del catálogo del III Premio de Arquitectura con Termoarcilla 2004-2006


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