Multipurpose Social Center in Lancha del Genil (Granada), thirteen self-built housings in Palenciana, Córdoba and housing in Alhaurín

Elisa Valero Ramos

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Multipurpose Social Center in Lancha del Genil (Granada). Finalist in: 9th Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism 2005-2006.

Through the construction, a hand-to-hand combat with the matter is established, until finding the precise solution. The construction of a load-bearing wall, made of concrete in the basement and Termoarcilla® PROCERAN in the rest is proposed. Seeking to eliminate the arbitrary, purifying the project until things acquire the naturalness of their way of being.



The typological structure is typical from a traditional isolated house. Crossing a little front garden is the way to access. The continuity among interior spaces is sought, together with the exterior ones, as well as a clear functioning of the house. For this intervention, it has been tried to elaborate a solution contained in its own cost of execution, mixing the just proportion of volumes, with a constructive system with load-bearing wall made of Termoarcilla® PROCERAN according to the place and the available means both economic and technical.

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/ thirteen self-built housings in Palenciana, Cordova.


Project selected in the architecture competition with Termoarcilla® 2002-2004, performed by the Termoarcilla® Consortium of Hispalyt.

The architecture belongs to the place which determines and singularizes it. The urban plot, the topography, and the condition of the viewpoint or the insertion in the landscape, the light conditions and the use of the materials are at the start of an idea which has materialized here in continuity together with the Andalusian folk tradition in white houses of a white town.


In turn, a contemporary language is chosen, adapting us to the technique and the aesthetics of the present moment, inserting ourselves in the history from the present and refusing to support us in a relation of folk imitation with the inherited architecture.

The type of housing projected is single-family semi-detached on two floors and have the possibility of extending a room more simply.

It is projected with a double bay of load-bearing wall made of Termoarcilla® blocks perpendicular to a façade of short lights, in one of them the living-room is passant, open to the south and protected and open to the garden (back patio, in this way we get an optimal lighting and ventilation, and a second one of service that houses the staircase and kitchen on the ground floor. In the upper part, three bedrooms and a bathroom with the possibility of extending with a fourth one which would generate a porch between the living-room and the patio, so that the interior-exterior succession would be enriched.


Perhaps, there would even be the possibility of moving forward the living room glass until the new façade line, so the living room would gain ten meters more with the addition of paving the floor and moving the glass.

It has been tried that the rationality, effectiveness, economy and wisdom of the design were the values which supplied a necessary budgetary restriction, made easier the execution and could guarantee the good durability of the project.


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