nursery School in Sotillo de La Adrada. Ávila.



in an exempt parcel surrounded by municipal facilities and small supporting buildings is located the construction of the new nursery in the municipality of Sotillo de La Adrada (Ávila).

in an environment attacked by new housing constructions during the last twenty years, the materiality of the building wants to isolate itself from its immediate context in order to preserve the privacy of its little users. For this, a closed and continuous perimeter is created, which in some cases conforms to the limits of the parcel and in other cases it looks for its better circumstances.

the material used in the coating, pine boards placed vertically, is related to the environment (Valley of Tietar), the wood has been used at this places for decades by the traditional constructions for the execution of the singular balconies, wanting to be also a limit and connection and manifest by the advantages and kindness of the lost environment, of the forgotten materials, a limit of the memory, a limit inhabited, a limit that will contain from the very first uses the imagination of children. Inside this wall, the living and colored spaces of the building are condensed, characterized by two patios and two enclosed spaces connected by an arm of light and glass, where these and the clay are protagonists.

the ceramic plain tile is used as a characteristic element in the finish of the roofs. Two roofs that become protagonist, their habitable presence and they spread their materiality on the playground.

in the interior, spaces with qualities of color conferred by the lacquering of carpentries and different colored ceramic surfaces are discovered. The spaces of routes have been designed so that the children have visual relations of their own with the exteriors, at the same time the classrooms are delimited in height by unhooked lights.

texto publicado en Conarquitectura. Alegría Colón /Arturo Blanco


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