brown klinker euro33 facing brick

Klinker Euro33 Facing Brick, is long, irregular but stylized, fine and elegant, designed for large façades and also suitable for indoor environment where we want to find warmth and beauty naturally authentic. With European design and brown color. Its main feature is its low absorption. Our Brown Klinker Euro33 Facing Brick will form a perfect façade, clean and durable, with no need of maintenance. The ease of laying and installation, the durability and the aesthetic are the features that stand out in our Brown Klinker Euro33 Facing Brick.


measures 325 x 112 mm x ↕ 37mm
weight gr
formats ...


37 mm
Base ↕ 99 cm x ↔ 99 cm
Height ↕ 90 cm
Weight 746 kg
Uds/palet 339

other colors

  • ladrillo klinker arena
  • ladrillo klinker grana
  • ladrillo cara vista mudejar rústico
  • ladrillo cara vista vainilla ráspado
  • ladrillo cara vista avellana raspado
  • ladrillo cara vista marrón oscuro
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