vison facing brick

Vison Facing Brick represents the Know-How of a product; facing brick light in color, it is a ceramic piece that represents the importance of a good manufacturing process in which quality is the main objective; we base the quality of this facing brick in a careful process of elaboration and cooking, applying the technology we make a product of great resistance, with a high coefficient of insulation, acoustic and fireproof. Our Vison Facing Brick will form a perfect façade, clean and durable, with no need of maintenance. The ease of laying and installation, the durability and the aesthetic are the features that stand out in our Vison Facing Brick. Brown and light tone, complete our wide range of light colored facing bricks.


measures 240 x 114 mm x ↕ 37mm
weight 1140 gr
Uds/m2 80 aprox.
measures 240 x 114 mm x ↕ 48mm
weight 1440 gr
Uds/m2 66 aprox.
measures 240 x 114 mm x ↕ 68mm
weight 2040 gr
Uds/m2 50 aprox.
formats ... ...


37 mm 48mm
Base ↕ 98 x ↔ 98 cm ↕ 98 x ↔ 98 cm
Height ↕ 94 cm ↕ 93 cm
Weight 628 kg 624 kg
Uds/palet 528 408
68 mm
Base ↕ 98 x ↔ 98 cm
Height ↕ 92 cm
Weight 613 kg
Uds/palet 288


other colors

  • ladrillo cara vista toledo
  • ladrillo cara vista sagra
  • ladrillo cara vista duna
  • ladrillo cara vista marrón claro
  • ladrillo cara vista marrón oscuro
  • ladrillo cara vista arena
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