clay block with tongue and groove 40x20x20

A 20 cm thick clay block which is ideal for use on building enclosures with lower mechanical and thermo-acoustic demands. Their main area of use is for industrial enclosures, interior partitions, etc. and they are compatible for use with the Termoarcilla® tongue and groove system.


Dimensions ↕ mm x ↔ mm x mm
Product code ----------------
Uds/palet 75
Dimensional tolerance ----------------
Interior thickness ----------
Thickness outside wall ----------
Characteristic standard resistance to compression--------
Thermal transmittance -------------
Thermal conductivity ---------------
Acoustic isolation -------------
Density -------------
Designation of the model ------------------
Moisture expansion --------------
Reaction to fire -------------------
Adherence ------------------------
Heladicity -----------------------
Minimun weight kg.
Units m2 ud/m2


wood palet
Measures ↕ 103 mm x ↔ 123 x 115 mm
Weight 855 Kgr

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