who are we?


Welcome to grupo díaz redondo, a group of family companies formed by HDR, ICD, PROCERAN & CRN.

In grupo díaz redondo we have been manufacturing ceramic products since 1955, facing brick, roof tile, paver, Termoarcilla®, floor tile, wine rack, ceiling arch, inter alia; this give us the confidence of know-how, leaving our quality and beauty mark at every product carefully created.

From the earliest dates, the man discovered the virtues of fired clay, moulded in small curved pieces, they could fit together, completely avoiding the water filtration, and these pieces easy to manufacture and transport.

The roof tiles have given, and continue giving, since always, the name of the buildings cover.

Our roof tiles are chosen by the most of professionals of construction and required by homeowners. A roof covered with roof tiles made by HDR, is a guarantee of durability, impermeability, easy placement and fixation, excellent finishing and uniform and permanent placement. That is reason why our roof tiles have crossed borders.

Nowadays, our roof tiles comply with all the required guarantees in building regulations of the main countries, are produced under an strict quality control, which allow us to offer a 35 years warranty against any manufacturing defect.

The Brick, has its origin to very distant times, and still remains alive until nowadays, conjugating utility and durability with beauty.

Its story, as old as modern and endless at the same time. From such a so elemental raw material as clay, a product is originated, with which different peoples of the world throughout centuries have been making clear in their constructions, their culture and their specific way of being.

A long-standing product for a modern building.

We base the quality of our brick in a careful elaboration and firing process, where applying the cutting edge technology, with earth, wind and fire we manufacture a beautiful and modern product with a great resistance to the passage of time.

From the start, we are always looking for the quality of a well done brick. The brick manufactured by ICD, facing brick, is a guarantee of quality, durability and beauty. All our effort is summed up in a final result: that every new facing brick manufactured is equal to the previous one. In this way, the careful completion of each piece produced is the soul, the essence, of all of them.

The Termoarcilla® block is born in response to the needs of a particular construction sector, such as the ceramic sector, enriching it with innovative solutions, endowed with a great technical perfection in the manufacture, laying and installation, and contributing to a more versatile, faster, more economic construction, and with better performance in all the requirements established in the current regulations.

The block of lightened clay Termoarcilla® is positioned strongly with a view to the future. PROCERAN, endowed with a great human and technical capital, makes a constant commitment for the continuous improvement in fields such as environment, sustainability, production quality and projects of great importance, R+D+I, firmly ensuring the presence on the market of a product which improves the requirements of the different technical regulations in force.

There are people who prefer the essence of the handcrafted clay, its rough texture, its irregular coloration… A material of quality as our CRN handmade Ceramic Floor Tile, which besides having an unparalleled beauty and warmth, conveys the message of our ancestors through the tradition and good taste, adapted to our present times.

We have learnt to shape clay in such an optimum way that we have not focused on a single product, we have tried to extend and apply our ceramic knowledge to all the ceramic articles we create and believe. This is the reason that position us, and why our clients choose our products.

Since it is extracted in its clay state, until it is placed and installed, our products are treated with care: the best preparation of clay, the most precise moulding, the careful control of the drying, a cooking to the exact temperature, the most suitable packing…, everything necessary for the result to be an excellent product and arrive at work place in optimal conditions.

After more than 60 year of experience, we feel confident in what we do, and more importantly, we know what our clients want.

From the start, we have been looking for the quality of what is well done, the guarantee of durability and beauty.

So we did from the beginning.

This is what our clients expect.

This is what all the quality agencies certify.

The know-how of three generations supports us.

From the start, we have been looking for the quality of what is well done, the guarantee of durability and beauty. Grupo Díaz Redondo

international presence

grupo díaz redondo has operated in the following countries to date



Hermanos Díaz Redondo is a family business founded in 1995 in Cobeja by four brothers, Anastasio, Evaristo, Ignacio and Candelas Díaz Redondo for the purpose of manufacturing ceramic bricks. Ignacio and Candelas began working on production in the same manufacturing plant, taking advantage of the limestone of the clearing to make adobes with which the first Arab furnace was made. Anastasio in charge of the accounting and administrative management, and Evaristo in charge of promotion and commercialization of bricks.


Design of the furnace

A Hoffman furnace was designed in 1959, it was the second that was made in the area. At the top part of the vault the holes were attacked with wood and wedges of rubble. In this furnace, which already had certain dimensions, were made “rasillas” (fine bricks), “huecos sencillos” (air bricks) “huecos dobles” (double air bricks), “ladrillo Tosco” (rough brick), and Bilbao brick (a facing brick with five perforations in the dimension parallel to the extruder).


Modernization of facilities.

It goes from an almost handcrafted production to having a whole process highly mechanized nowadays. The exit of the brick from the extruding press (machine and mould to make bricks, blocks, tiles, etc.) with the vacuum system is automated. The product goes out directly to be lined up in trays, which are transported to the drying chambers by automatic forklifts.


The drying chambers are placed inside the plant.

Eight artificial plants for drying are made, built inside the plant, and they are low ceiling plants. In these chambers, the bricks are dried through hot air, produced at the same time by two generators powered by fuel-oil.

The bricks are placed by a motorcycle on trays around a row of ventilators that could dry the fresh bricks in 24 hours. This industrial facility allowed the furnace working at full capacity 365 days, 24 hours a day.


Foundation of HISPALYT

HISPALYT is the Spanish Association of Manufactures of Bricks and Roof Tiles made of clay. It brings together manufacturer companies of structural ceramic products: ceramic paver, termoarcilla (ceramic block for thermal and also acoustic isolation), noggings, facing brick, coating brick, and roof tiles.

Since its creation, in 1968, the main objectives of HISPALYT have been to defend the common interests of companies from the sector, to promote the recognition of ceramic products in all the areas, to research in the new products development and new constructive systems.


Substitution of Hoffman furnace for a tunnel furnace.

The main feature of the tunnel furnace is the fixed establishment of the fire and the displacement of the clay material.


Constant search for quality. INCE tests.

The benefit of the search for quality began to materialize with the first works of the Administration in the 80’s, when the fulfilment of the norm 167/019 started to be demanded. In order to improve the quality, bricks began to be tested at the INCE, Instituto Nacional de Calidad y Evaluación, as an organization who guarantees the suitability of the product.


Creation of the national commercial network. Commercial office in Madrid.

A commercial office is created in Madrid. Other delegations in Spanish territory founded in the early days were Bilbao, Zaragoza and Pamplona.


Creation of the different sections of HISPALYT.

The Association has evolved adapting in each stage to the needs of the roof tiles and bricks industry. From 1985, with the creation of the Sections (clusters of manufactures by product families), the technical and promotional activity of HISPALYT was strengthened, constituting the authentic engine of the evolution of the Association.


Fundation of Industrias Cerámicas Díaz S.A.

In July 1987 Industrias Cerámicas Díaz S.A. was founded. With this impulse the intention is to cover the bricks demand motivated for the transition of the municipal government of Madrid, which ends after a few months of changes of urban criterion, in the development of Palomeras.


First attendance to a trade fair.

The first specific trade fair for building materials in which Hermanos Díaz Redondo and Industrias Cerámicas Díaz attended as exhibitor was the Fibes trade fair in Seville, in 1989.


Production plant for pressed roof tile.

On 6 May 1989, after more than 30 years manufacturing bricks, in 1989 Hermanos Díaz Redondo opens a new factory destined for the manufacture of Mixed Roof Tile, with the determination to achieve the same objectives as in the manufacture of bricks: to make the best roof tiles. The plant started up in September 1989.


Obtaining the AENOR quality mark for the facing brick.

After 35 years manufacturing bricks and after obtaining the INCE stamp, the quality mark of AENOR (Asociación Española de Normalización y Certificación) is obtained as stamp of guarantee and quality of our facing brick.


First attendance to CEVISAMA International Trade Fair, Valencia.

In 1990, Hermanos Diaz Redondo e Industrias Cerámicas Díaz attend for first time in CEVISAMA International Trade Fair, where the HDR ceramic roof tile was exhibited by first time.


Obtaining the AENOR quality mark for the roof tile.

From the beginning, there was already a natural concern for quality. The concession of the AENOR mark certifies something that had been the objective of all the people responsible for the production of Hermanos Díaz Redondo’s clay products

Obtaining the AENOR mark was not an easy task because to achieve the tracking and the subsequent control of the whole production, a quite strict requirements had to be fulfilled.


First attendance to CONSTRUMAT, Barcelona.

First attendance as exhibitor in CONSTRUMAT, Barcelona, continuing the participation at the most important building materials trade fair of the country.


Participation in the construction of Seville airport.

In 1991, Hermanos Díaz Redondo participates at the construction of the Seville airport, designed by Rafael Moneo. For this project the Moneo Roof Tile is created, designed by the great architect, and in which our technical department actively participates. The Moneo Roof Tile used at the Seville airport has a particularity: it is glazed in blue.


Fuel change: Fuel-oil substituted by GAS.

The improvement of the manufacture process with the use of GAS does not bring just a reduction of pollution, but also an increase of the ceramic product quality.


Attendance to CONSTRUTEC, Madrid

With the construction boom and as one of the leaders of the ceramic sector, Hermanos Díaz Redondo and Industrias Díaz Redondo attend to the trade fair in Madrid, CONSTRUTEC, as organizer committee for the said trade fair.


PROCERAN. Ceramic diversification: Termoarcilla®

In 1992, a 30% of PROCERAN is adquired, located in Aguilar de la Frontera, Córdoba. Company dedicated to the manufacture of ceramic block for thermal isolation (Termoarcilla®) and ceramic ceiling arch, PROCERAN is a national reference at the production of the said products.



The 80% of PROCERAN shareholders is acquired; so, Hermanos Díaz Redondo carries out the expansion at the ceramic sector.


2nd Ceramic Roof Tile Covers Awards.

In 1994 is obtained the 2nd Award for roofs made of ceramic roof tile, organized by HISPALYT; the winning work of the contest is the City Hall, clinic and meeting center in Madarcos, Madrid, made by the architects Emilio Pemjean, Carmen Martinez and Rodrigo Pemjean.


Starting the export activity.

In 1994, after 5 years focusing on production and sales of roof tiles in the domestic market, it starts, thanks to the strong contacts and links with Lebanon, the approach to the said market is executed. HDR is one of the leader companies in Roof Tiles in Lebanon.

In 1994, the Al Akhawayn University, located at the atlas of Morocco, is supplied by HDR; it is a magnificent architectural project where the HDR Roof Tiles have a great visibility and relevance in the whole work. Currently, grupo díaz redondo is consolidated as an exporter ceramic products of quality and reference in all 5 continents.


Sponsorship of the Handball Local Team HDR Roof Tile

In season 95-96 the Toledo handball team is sponsored by HDR, which takes the name: Balonmano TEJA HDR.


Sponsorship of the Handball National Team.

The Handball National Team starts being sponsored in 1997. In this period, the National Team participated in several international competitions, World Championship, European Championship, and Olympic Games, with a high and remarkable level and world-class players as Talant Dujshebaev, Mateo Garralda, Iñaki Urdangarín y David Barrufet among others.


PROCERAN gets the AENOR mark.

Domingo Alhama takes the management of PROCERAN, and his first achievement is that PROCERAN becomes the first Termoarcilla® block manufacturer at national level that obtains the AENOR mark.


Attendance as exhibitor to Project Lebanon. Beirut.

After many years attending to the main trade fairs of Spain, HDR exhibits in one of the most important building materials trade fairs.


Novel Architects Award at the 6th Architecture Awards with Brick.

The house GM, a single-family dwelling in Multiva Baja, in Navarra, is awarded with the said award. Made by the architects Javier Pérez Herreras and Jose V. Valdenebro Garcia, built with HDR Grana facing brick.


Acquisition of Cerámica Rústica Los Navalmorales. CRN.

In 2002, Cerámica Rústica Los Navalmorales is acquired; so, adding to the group of companies a manual brick and floor tile factory, therefore, expanding the market of products for grupo díaz redondo.


2nd Architecture Awards with Termoarcilla®.

The housing project built in La Lentejuela, Seville, is awarded with the 2nd Award of Architecture with Termoarcilla®. The architect Blanca Sánchez Lara uses Termoarcilla® PROCERAN for the construction of the said project.


PROCERAN obtains the DAU, Document of Adequacy for Use.

PROCERAN obtains the DAU 04/018, adapting it to the new needs and modifications of the Building Technical Code, confirming the performance of the Termoarcilla® PROCERAN, in the fulfilment of the minimum requirements to achieve the optimum levels of profitability and responsibility in energy consumption.


1st Golf Tournament.

In 2004, the 1st golf tournament organized by grupo diaz redondo takes place; a large number of people participates, such as clients, architects, constructors, manufacturers, staff from grupo díaz redondo and many more. This tournament takes place over the next few years until the last celebration of the fifth golf tournament by grupo díaz redondo.


50th HDR Anniversary.

In 2005, after 50 years of dedication to manufacture of ceramic products, the 50th Anniversary is commemorated, carrying out a large number of events. We highlight the following events: - Creation of grupo díaz redondo and a new corporative image. - Tribute to Longinos Díaz Herrando, GM of HDR for many years. - Trip to BATIMAT - Journalistic working day with Pedro J. Ramirez. - Golf Tournament, football indoor tournament, “futbolin” tournament, “capea”, etcetera.


7th Architecture Awards with Brick. 2003-2005

The rehabilitation project “Las Escuelas Pías” is awarded with the 1st place in these Architecture Awards with Brick; the project is made by the architect Jose Ignacio Linazasorro, where the CRN handcrafted manual brick made to measure for this project was used.


2nd Architecture Awards with Termoarcilla®. 2004-2005

The house of youth project in La Línea de la Concepción receives the 1st place in this edition of the Architecture Awards with Termoarcilla®. The project, made by the architects Javier Terrados Capeda and Fernando Suárez Corchete, uses Termoarcilla® PROCERAN.


Making of a modern special pieces plant.

HDR makes a new automated special pieces plant, so, becoming one of the most modern and important of the country. The objective is to respond the demand of constructors and guarantee the best finishing of roofs.


10th Business Awards by FEDETO.

HDR is awarded as Company committed to the 2006 quality standards, granted by the Company Federation of Toledo (FEDETO). One of our premises is quality, awarded in that occasion.


Manuel Rojas Congress Center in Badajoz.

Project made by the architects José Selgas and Lucía Cano, Moma has highlighted it as one of the most emblematic projects of the Spanish architecture. The new building is located on the old bullring of the city. It is inserted in a pentagonal bastion of the Vauban wall of the 17th century. For the reconstruction of the pentagonal bastion, the CRN manual brick has been used.


Integrated Management System in PROCERAN.

PROCERAN becomes the first manufacturer of the Ceramic Sector who obtains the certifications of Quality, Environment and Health, and Labour Safety by AENOR, so, forming its Integrated Management System.


ASCER Ceramic Architecture Award.

The Regional Archive and Bibliographical Deposit of Castile-La Mancha, designed by the architect Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra is awarded with the 2007 ASCER Award. Thus project was made with the special pieces for ventilated façade manufactured and especially designed by HDR for this singular project.


Official Sponsor of the Archaeological Park of Carranaque.

The first intervention as sponsor, is the creation and production of a new exterior wall covering for the façade of the building which shelters the Villamaterno Roman villa. The new façade is formed by sheet metal plates, fixed with battens on the original wall hangings made of concrete, where several motifs reminiscent of existing mosaics in the villa have been printed.


Zóñar, the olive oil of our environmental commitment.

PROCERAN develops a restoration plan for the quarries, which is exploited in the Paraje Jogina, in Aguilar de la Frontera, in Cordova. For the first time we bottled the fruit of our commitment with the restoration of quarries, knowing that we are contributing to the regeneration of an incomparable environment as the Paraje Jogina is.


Preservation of the façade of the Biological Investigation Centre. Cajal Institute.

HDR participates at the façade preservation project with this facing brick, of great quality and identical features to the original and same earthy color that the one designed by Miguel Fisac in 1951.


PREVER AWARD 2008, Prevention of Occupational Risks in the companies and institution modality.

PROCERAN is awarded with the PREVER AWARD 2008, Prevention of Occupational Risks in the modality of companies and institutions, given by the General Council of Industrial Relations and Labour Sciences. Such a distinction, recognize the importance of the Integrated Management System of PROCERAN, which integrates the management of quality, environment and occupational health and safety in the day-to-day management of the company, taking as reference the recognized prestige standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.


Roof Restoration of the Industrial Building of the Working Cooperative of Mataró, Barcelona.

This building is designed by the prestigious architect Antoni Gaudí in 1833; restored by the architect Manuel Brullet I Tenas in 2009, using for the restoration the Red Marseillaise Roof Tile Nou Gaudí manufactured by HDR.


First Place in National Contest of Ideas Award. Loja Auditorium.

The Auditorium of Loja, Granada, obtains the first place in the National Contest of Ideas Awards. The interior of the Auditorium is compartmentalized by using Termoarcilla® Blocks of PROCERAN, which have been placed uncoated in the interior of the building, as if it were a facing brick, it is a facing block, so, in this way, interior and exterior of the building dialogue with similar textures. Designed by Blanca Hernández and Julio Olóriz.


Rehabilitation of Old Major Seminar of the University Pontifica de Comillas. Current headquarter of the Comillas Foundation for the study of Spanish Language and the Hispanic Culture.

grupo díaz redondo participates in the rehabilitation of University de Comillas, Santander, contributing with our Red Moneo Roof Tile for this project of rehabilitation of the University roof.


PYMA10 Award, for the waste recycling project.

PROCERAN is awarded with the Pymes for Environment Award: PYMA10 is the modality of Correction of waste products and discharge organized by the Deputation of Cordova in 2010. The winning project is titled “Recycling of wastewater in the Industrial Process and in Vegetable Screen”. It consist in the internal recycle of industrial wastewater to take advantage of its use.

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